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I am a mother of a picky eater, a 3 year old that loves candy but refuses to eat anything good for him. I am always looking for ways to get him to eat good foods, but finding good foods for a picky eater isn't easy.

If I let him he would eat noodles, anything with sugar and McDonald's chicken nuggets, but I have found the best product to get him to eat his full serving of veggies while eating one of his favorite foods. It is garden veggie noodles, not only do they taste like regular pasta but they come in fun shapes and colors. There are many varieties of them and most take about the same amount of time to cook so i mix and match them so he gets a variety of shapes and veggies.

The other trick is to make his/her favorite smoothies, you can mask so many healthy foods by blending them together with flavors they love. I will say though when you are adding these good foods for a picky eater to a smoothie you may want to have a good blender to avoid chunkiness because if your picky eater is like mine that will turn him off.

However, I have found that if you are trying to add things like carrots or broccoli to a smoothie cook them for a couple of minutes before blending them and they come out smoother. The one thing you always want to avoid are certain words that he/she rejects, like mine for example will eat broccoli in cheddar cheese sauce, but if I actually say the word sauce he won't touch it. Instead I try to just say that its broccoli with his favorite cheese on it.

Another thing I have learned is that when it comes to new foods I relate them to foods he already likes. For example he likes chicken a lot and I wanted him to try salmon, which is not very fishy, I called it pink chicken. I also knew he likes anything sour, fish and lemon are the perfect pair, so I let him help me make it and we added lemon juice and salt (he does not like pepper), then baked it. I then added his "special" noodles to go with the salmon and he ate every last bite. It was perfect he had a full serving of veggies and all the nutrients the salmon contains.

When it comes to adding good foods to your picky eaters diet its all about the way you approach certain foods and how you "sugar coat it". By knowing a few foods, even if they are not quite the healthiest, that your picky eater likes you can either mask up foods by integrating them in or calling them something else. My 3 year old now eats a lot more foods that he would not even try before and some he knows about while others he has no idea.

Not every picky eater will be fooled but as a parent the battles will continue, some you will win while others you won't. You will find your own tricks, I'm sure, but in the mean time keep experimenting, good foods for a picky eater do not come easily.

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