What type of foods kids love cooked that are easy to make?

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Well types of foods kids love cooked and that are easy to make are pretty much your basics. Whether the kids are allergic to something, you pretty much sticking to your basics. What I mean by basics is food that is simple and commonly made by other people. You could make grilled cheese, French toast, waffles, eggs, pancakes, etc. Now for dishes you could a hamburger with French fries and side of something healthy like celery and a glass of water. In addition, there is other simple dishes that you and depending on the age of the kids can make together as a family activity are pigs in a blanket (hotdogs with a biscuit wrapped around it). Some fun desserts you could make as an activity with the kids or alone are rice crispy treats, or caramel apples, cupcakes ( of course the you will be controlling all electronic appliances), Jell-O, cookies (also you'll be controlling electronic appliances, etc. Then we have consolidating dishes like lasagna, macaroni, pizza, tacos/nachos, burritos, and more. Most kids love the sweet and salty combination on a dish, and others prefer anything. Not to mention you got dishes like sloppy joe with chips, beef stew, tuna- salad, tuna casserole, or beans and corn bread. If you plan on going for meals that are healthy I have listed quit a few that would be the perfect candidate for a dish to serve to your child or children.

You can to make substitutions along the way on certain dishes to make them slight healthy if they are not already. Ground turkey is healthier than ground beef, and not only is it healthier, but it tastes the same with less fat. Other ways is simply by replacing butter with margarine. Keep in mind that not all margarines are equal, some are just like butter when it comes to health. Remember if you are going to do healthy make sure the dish you make is not only healthy but also proportionate as far as serving size. Some other simple things to make are just plain old salad and just spice it up a bit, vegetable platters, or cooked vegetable dishes. If you know how to make a dish like lasagna or hamburgers, and you’re looking for a challenge try to make a butterball turkey or stuffed turkey, a whole hen, dressing, pork chops/steaks, soups, manicotti, etc. In my opinion all these dishes are great. As far as healthy food, well nowadays a doctor can tell you what you were told before is healthy is bad for your health. Make sure your kids have plenty of exercising and right choices as far as snacking. Things like carrots and broccoli with dip or completely naked is fine, and apple or some type of fruit a day will do the trick.

Just mainly stay away from making greasy foods, and high in fat foods. A type of foods kids love cooked and is easy to make has its categories. If you are looking to help in areas like proteins, dairy, breads/ grains, than well try wheat , skim milk, eggs or fish, and limit the slices of bread and grains they intake.

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